Dejan Pejčić, the man behind Razzlog pseudonym, was born 1986. in city of Niš, Serbia.

His first contact with electronic music happened around the age of 9 – he grew up listening to artists like: The Prodigy, The Chemical Brothers, Kraftwerk, Orbital, Moby, Fatboy Slim, Enigma, Apollo 440, Astral Projection and the likes. At the beginning of his high-school days, Dejan was introduced to the world of harder techno sound; but most important – he was also introduced to possibilities of audio production software. He started experimenting with electronic music on his own. Forming his style and taste, Dejan changed many forms and pseudonyms, even trying himself in hiphop music. He was a part of electronic music group named “eXtec” during his high-school days, but the group disbanded without any official releases behind them.

College days brought new time-consuming life challenges, so Dejan took a break from producing music. But, after a while, he felt he couldn’t fight the need to express himself, and that was the reason strong enough to bring him back to his own world of electronic music. That’s how Razzlog was (re)born (“razlog” is Serbian word for “reason”).

The core-style of Razzlog’s music is techno, but with many other influences; he doesn’t like being limited with fictional style definitions, so occasional excursions into other styles should not surprise you. Instead, you should join him in his musical voyages.

Site : razzlog.com