DJ Hristian Stojanowski

Hristian Stojanowski

Born at easter in 1987, 19th April in Skopje (Capital City Of Macedonia), currently living in Nis, Serbia (from 4th year of his life).

Like a 10 year old he collected many audio tapes and played them over and over again.
Those tapes were mostly from popular groups and artists such as :Prodigy, Jeff Mills, Richie Hawtin and many others. After some way of understanding electronic music when he is only 13 he starts his own production and tries to gain a sound like “Techno” who had a bit of London sound and some kind of Club Trance sound.
After few years he skips classes with his friends at high school just to go to a local music store to perfect his mixing technique. Finally as 17 year old he starts to get involved in electronic music and actively starts dj-ing and his own production. Since then he builds a sound similar to techno music (groove, tribal and a bit funky) both in production and the way of mixing.

He starts studying communication technologies.He starts his career a bit later, because of the condition of the clubbing scene in the city he works and lives. He uses mostly turntables and vinyls.
He starts new organization “Neutronika” in mid 2008 :

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